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Sun Rise Alarm Clock

Sun Rise Alarm Clock

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Product Description 

Experience the pleasure of the sun rising in the morning every morning. 

This alarm clock will wake you up gradually with simulating sun rise. It has been scientifically proven that waking up to sunrise and fall asleep to sun set will help your sleeping pattern and Improve your ability to get into a state of deep sleep and wake up naturally with more energy. 

Sunrise and Sunset light fade - Wake up to sunrise every morning, doing this is scientifically proven to give you more energy as it is a natural way for the body and mind to wake up. Going to sleep with a sunset will help you get to sleep quicker and allow you to get into a deeper state of sleep. 

25 different Alarms - Choose from 25 different alarms so that you can wake up to a sound that is peaceful and enjoyable to hear every morning. 

USB power outlet - use the USB to charge your smart phone whilst you sleep so that you can save on cramped plug space. 

Use as Lamp - you can use the alarm clock as a bedside lamp as well as an alarm clock. 

Memory Function - can be set to go off at anytime of your choosing. 

This product comes with a power cable but not a plug. 

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