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Pregnancy Pillow

Pregnancy Pillow

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Product Description 

Enjoy increased comfort and support during sleep while pregnant.

This pillow is for full body support when sleeping when pregnant, Ergonomically designed to support your body whilst sleeping to provide comfort to you. 

Full body support - a pregnancy pillow will elevate your legs and prop your back and cool you whilst in in comfy embrace. 

Relief from back pain - feels like you have 3 pillows in front of you and 3 pillows behind you giving you full support and doesn't move away from you. 

Sleep helper - gifts like these can be used to improve the sleep of a loved one or someone who is struggling to get the rest they need whilst pregnant. 

Not only for Pregnancy - The pillow will also help people who need sleep but in a support position. 

Stimulate circulation -  the pillow will share the weight across your uterus, breast and blood vessels to help oxygen flow to your baby. 

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