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Mulberry Silk Pillow Case

Mulberry Silk Pillow Case

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Product Description 

Experience a restful night of sleep in the utmost comfort with this pillow case.

A pillowcase made from soft mulberry silk ensuring that you have a soft and comfortable place to rest your head. Increase the level of comfort when you sleep. 

Soft - Mulberry Silk is a lot softer and comfier than polyester or cotton. Made from natural Woven silks means that your body is more in tune to silk than man made products. 

Low Friction - silk has low friction properties meaning that when you move its more comfortable on the skin. 

Natural Fabrics - with silk being a natural fabric it breathes like your skin meaning that you are less likely to sweat. This will help prevent spots and blocked pours. 

Easy to Clean - you can wash silk at 20 Degrees.

Wrinkle Free - Creases will naturally fall out of silk giving that fresh look all the time.

50cm x 75cm 

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