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3D Eyemask

3D Eyemask

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Product Description 

Increase your sleep quality

The 3D Eyemask will block out 99.9% of light giving you a complete blackout while you sleep. Having a complete blackout while you sleep will increase you ability to get to sleep and get to a deeper state of sleep. By having the 3D cousins it is also comfortable to wear as it keeps pressure off your eyelashes and eyelid and allows you to sleep in a position that is comfortable to you. 

3D Contoured Design - ergonomic 3D contoured design that keeps the eye mask away from your face and allows space around your eyelids and eyelashes. The eyemask is designed in away to stop light breaking through where a traditional eyemask has areas of leakage around the nose and eyes. 

99.9% Light Blocking - Designed with soft foam used to mould round the contours of your face, ensuring no gaps are created to stop light breaking through and disrupting your much needed sleep. 

Strong & Breathable fabric - economic fabric at the front of the mask with soft to touch fabric at the front to provide maximum comfort. All the fabric used are washable. 

Elasticated Strap - this will fit 99% of head shapes and sizes meaning that you can be sure that you will have a good fit on the product

Sleep Anywhere at Anytime - The eyemask is light weight and portable meaning you can pack it into any bag whilst travelling and be able to get some rest anywhere. 


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